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Ultimate Garena Hack 5.28

Uploaded by ChaosKvn

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* Start Garena: Start the Garena.exe removing the anti-hack protections. Only initialize Garena from this way.
* HostHack: Complet hack for who creates the game. You can kick player by player and also read the enemy's chat. There are some commands you can send with a PrivateMessage (PM) to the player that you want:

> kick: Kick the player.

> lagon: Enables the send of a 800ms default lag package to the player. You will can set this packet in the hack window with any value.

> lagof: Disables the send of lag package.

> lagout: Send a lag packed to the player, causing the message "Waiting for players" and a subsequent kick the player. The lag will only stop when the player dropped.

> muteon: Mute the player. Anyone won't be able to read his messages.

> muteof: Unmute the player.

> Chat Hack: You can read yours opponent chat.
* ladderWin: Kicks all at once and you win the game (your team also wins ladder, don't count disconnect to the team that you kick, only loss). It's still necessary to destroy the enemy base.
* MapHack Fog: Reveals all the map, but leaves the FOG active (darker parts of the map). Shortcut: Ctrl+F8
* MapHack: Reveals all the map, without FOG. Shortcut: Ctrl+F9
* Safeclick is On/Off: Don't show in replay when you click in heros and buildings that are in fog. Activated automatically when you active the maphack.
* toTray: Minimizes the GarenaHack to the tray icons, next to the clock, just double-click to reopen it.
* Exit: Ends the GarenaHack.
* Rename: Changes your nick in Warcraft 3. (Enter the desired value in the box on the left of the button). PS: If you play a ladder game with namespoofer you don't win ladder.
* HackCenter

> All Hero Icons: Sets the icon for all the heroes on your screen, with mana and hp.

> Enemy Hero Icons: Sets only the icon of your enemies heroes.

> Ally Hero Icons: Sets only the icon of your allied heroes.

> Cam Distance Hack: Increase/decrease the distance from the camera, which could increase the possibility of viewing the game (decreasing the heroes). (Enter the desired value in the box on the left of the button)

> RuneNotifier: Notifies the respawn of runes.

> GrayHp: Changes to gray the heroes's hp that are in fog.

> TradeRes: Allows the exchange of resources (gold, lumber, ...) on maps that are blocked (such as DotA).
* Dota Key: Allows the creation of shortcuts to quickly use items.
* ManaBar: Shows the mana of all in map, below the hp bar. Works only in 1.24d and 1.24e versions.

Application Update:
Ultimate Garena Hack 5.28.1 is now avalaible
Ultimate Garena Hack 5.28.1



Rating: 3, Quality: Poor

Ultimate Garena Hack.rar

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