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Combat arms New Super Knife

Uploaded by dragoncyber

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Hey guys, today I represent you the M9 super
"knife" or is it a knife.Apparentely the super knife is a minigun but actually it's the knife. The knife's mod is a mini gun. And when You use it it does the knife sound but the minigun rotates. The knife has a slow fire rate but since it's minigun M9 knife, it has a rate of the minigun.

This is recommended for quarantine for fighting zombies. Like kill them in 5 seconds.
GO here for a screenshot:
1.Download the file
2.Extract the file to combat arms
3.It will say do you want to replace the GUNS_M_PV_MELEE and put this one in or leave it and just extract.I saw you do the"replace the GUNS_M_PV_MELEE and put this one in".
4.Start combat arms
5.Go into a room
6.Press 3 and you will see a minigun but it's actually a knife. High fire rate and pwn NOOBS
Thank you for downlloading this hack and please check out the screenshot. My name in Combat arms is DavidDang22.



Rating: 4, Quality: OK


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