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Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 Express Edition Download

Uploaded by PanchoVilla


Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 Express Edition


Visual Basic (VB) is an event driven programming language and associated development environment from Micro$oft. VB has been replaced by Visual Basic .NET. The older version of VB was derived heavily from BASIC and enables the rapid application development (RAD) of graphical user interface (GUI) applications, access to databases using DAO, RDO, or ADO, and creation of ActiveX controls and objects. A programmer can put together an application using the components provided with Visual Basic itself. Programs written in Visual Basic can also use the Windows API, but doing so requires external function declarations.


You need WinRAR to make the exteaction successful. The WinRAR download is in the following link:

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Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 Genuine.rar

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