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vBag X 1.20 with KEYGEN

Uploaded by aldrian23

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What is vBag?

vBag is a GameBoy Advance emulator that can play GBA games on your mobile phone.
vBagX is the latest version of vBag.


- For S60v3 and some S60v2, full speed with perfect sound effects for most games
- Big rom size support (full support for 32M rom)
- Each rom with 5 save/load slots
- Speed adjustment option and frameskip option
- Graphics mode option (origin,full,landscape,landscape origin)
- Save/Load in games (flash,eeprom,sram up to 128K)
- Key map setting
- Sound volume switch
- Thread priority option
- Two Graph Output Mode: bitmap mode(default),direct mode(speed improved, but some phones not supported)

Updates from vBagX 1.20 S60v1v2:

1. Four "Graph"->"Size" options added(160x208 for right and left handed)
2. Scroll key added for origin mode (hold scroll key then press left or right)
3. Some emulation bugs fixed

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Rating: 4.5, Quality: Good

vBagX 1.20 S60v1v2.zip

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